We’re Back!

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Mike DeVillar
By Mike DeVillar on December 11th, 2020


Retroware was once a place for content creators to come together and share their love of old games. Whether you were reaching way back into the Atari era, or talking about more modern classics, it was a place to share your thoughts and reach out to a wide audience and have a conversation about your favorite games. 

However as time marched on, Retroware slowed down, eventually ceasing activity in 2018. That was something that didnโ€™t sit right with us. So we got a team together, gave the site a new look, a new direction, and totally revamped things from the ground up. 

Which is to say: Weโ€™re back!

Retroware has relaunched as a site for the community, by the community. With a renewed focus on not just retro games, but indie gaming as well, weโ€™re striving to create a place to have a conversation about the games we love. We’re also working to promote great content from streaming, podcast, music, and video content creators from all over. Why not pull up a chair and join us?

There is a lot of good stuff coming, so make sure to check out the site regularly for the latest content, drop by the SubReddit, and hop into our Discord to get in on the conversation.

Mike DeVillar is a writer/editor that's stumbled his way into the games industry, as well as a lot of places he shouldn't be getting into in general.


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