Forgotten DS Game Monster Tale To Gain New Life On Modern Platforms

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By Billy Givens on January 12th, 2021


A Forgotten Gem Unearthed

Majesco Entertainment has announced that they intend to revive the often forgotten DS game Monster Tale for modern platforms.

The news comes five full years after a 3DS remake of the game titled Monster Tale Ultimate was teased by developer DreamRift, which had promised to offer substantial improvements to nearly every aspect of the experience. After so much time passing without news on the updated version of the game, it has long been presumed to be canceled. It’s yet to be seen whether the iteration coming to current generation platforms will finally see Monster Tale Ultimate realized or if it will simply be an upgraded port of the original title from 2011.

Familiar but Fantastic

Monster Tale places players in the shoes of a young girl named Ellie who finds herself teleported to a world called the Monster Kingdom. It’s there that she works alongside her friendly new monster companion, Chomp, as she seeks to bring an end to the terror being caused by the evil Kid-Kings, a group of young children determined to enslave and control the monsters of the world. Doing so tasks her with with finding new abilities that let her reach areas initially out of her reach, solving environmental puzzles, and fighting a collection of enemies standing in her way.

By combining a variety of genres, Monster Tale manages to be a unique title that stands out on the DS hardware. One part 2D puzzle-platformer, one part pet management, and one part Metroidvania, there’s a lot going on in the game, but it manages to pull all of its different ideas together to form a cohesive and enjoyable package. The pet management, in particular, gives Monster Tale an unexpectedly intriguing twist, allowing Chomp to evolve and take on multiple different forms as he assists you in battle, which earns him experience to further enhance his usefulness throughout the game

Though Monster Tale didn’t come along and shake the gaming world, it did receive overwhelmingly positive reception upon release. Much appreciation was shown for its exceptional sprite-based visuals, compelling genre mashup, and generally solid world design. Sadly, however, positive critical praise didn’t do much to help the late-generation DS game sell particularly well, leaving it to be overlooked by many consumers in a year where the release of the 3DS had dominated the market.

Majesco Entertainment has not specified any information regarding a release date or price for the Monster Tale re-release at this time.

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