‘Axiom Verge 2’ Is Coming to PC at Launch, Exclusively on Epic Games Store

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By Thomas Wilde on February 11th, 2021


The good news is that PC players will get a crack at Axiom Verge 2 at launch. The bad news, at least for Steam fans, is that it’ll initially be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Thomas Happ, the solo developer behind the first Axiom Verge, has already updated the official Axiom Verge 2 website to reflect the news, which came out during today’s Epic Games Store Spring Showcase. Initial news on AV2 had seemed to indicate that it would be an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch, at least at launch, but its appearance on Epic marks the first news of its arrival on PC.

“Epic has been incredibly supportive of Axiom Verge from the beginning,” Happ wrote on the official AV2 blog. “They gave me a heads up about 6 months before they even announced their plans for a store and enabled lots of new players to try out the game. They have subsidized multiple sales, meaning we get the best of both worlds—revenue from a full price sale for me but half price (or less!) for players. Even when they don’t have any special promotions going on, their going royalty rate of 88% has set what will hopefully become an industry-wide standard.”

“For Steam fans out there, please know that it will be coming your way eventually,” Happ continued. “The Steam team at Valve has also been incredibly supportive of Axiom Verge, and my decision to partner with Epic on this is in no way a comment on my relationship with Valve. Without Valve’s embrace of indie game development so long ago, there might not even have been an indie scene. No Valve, no indie scene, no Axiom Verge.”

AV2 was originally planned to arrive on the Switch last fall, but was delayed to this year. The sequel is designed as a standalone product, where new players can jump in without having to play the original game, but is also part of the same story.

As Indra, the “mysterious billionaire behind the worldwide Globe 3 conglomerate,” players are charged with exploring a new world, and tracking down the strange voices that are calling to Indra. Happ has said that AV2 will explore the origins behind the Axiom Verge universe, and advertises it on its website with the tagline “Decades later… or is it centuries earlier?”

Axiom Verge 2‘s release date is still officially listed as “TBD,” but is reportedly planned to land at some point in the first half of this year. Happ also notes on AV2‘s website that we aren’t done hearing about any additional platforms that the game may or may not come to; however, given the original AV‘s track record, it’s probably safe to assume that AV2 will appear on any device with buttons on it sooner or later.

Other Epic Games Store announcements from today’s Spring Showcase include the PC debut of the Kingdom Hearts franchise; a brand-new character named Seeker for Rogue Company; and a game-making toolset called Core.


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