Coral Island Has Become One of Gaming’s Most Successful Kickstarter Projects Ever

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By Billy Givens on March 5th, 2021


Having initially only requested $70,000 to make their new simulation farming RPG Coral Island, developer Stairway Games has been humbled by the result of their Kickstarter campaign. Not only was the game fully funded in less than two days, but the campaign ended on March 3 having received over $1.6 million from 36,374 backers, earning it a spot in the top 150 most successful gaming projects to have ever graced the platform.

It’s a hell of a feat, no doubt, and Stairway Games’ recent backer update is evidence that the passionate team is immensely grateful for the opportunity to get to make their game. In a statement, they had the following to share with their fans:

It has been an incredible 30 days. We can’t thank you enough for backing and supporting Coral Island. Not only are we fully funded, but we also reached all of the stretch goals. This is beyond our wildest dreams.

We feel so lucky to be developing Coral Island alongside you all. It’s been heartwarming to see the community grow around Coral Island. From actively participating in Discord, helping us answer questions in and out of Kickstarter, and providing awesome feedback/suggestions, we’re thrilled you’ll be joining us on this journey!

Coral Island has been likened to indie darling Stardew Valley, and it’s not difficult to see the many similarities the game shares with other popular titles in the genre, too, such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. And now with all of the game’s stretch goals met and exceeded, the development team will have a chance to take it to the next level, adding features like multiplayer, console ports, PC mods, and more gameplay elements that will help players enjoy the same level of interaction as in those aforementioned titles.

As of now, Coral Island does not have an exact release date. However, Stairway Games have expressed a desire to get the game out by October of 2021, so it’s a great time to start getting hyped up. A backer-exclusive alpha is scheduled for sometime around June, and the game can already be added to your wishlist on Steam. It’s uncertain, though, if console ports will launch alongside the PC version, but it’s reasonable to assume we may have to wait a little longer for those.

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