Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Is Now Available on Mobile Devices With a Temporary Discount

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By Billy Givens on March 26th, 2021


Square Enix has finally launched Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on iOS and Android, giving long-time fans and newcomers even more ways to enjoy a beloved old-school RPG that helped define an important time in the history of the genre. But even better, the company is celebrating the release by placing both versions on sale for $16.99 until April 4, at which point it will revert to its standard price of $20.99.

The remaster sees a bevy of improvements over the PlayStation release from 1998, including revamped character models and updated visuals that help make the experience feel far more palatable for modern audiences. But the upgrades don’t stop there, as it also has a collection of quality of life features not seen in the original game.

The most notable of these additions is the inclusion of a 3x speed boost option, which is even more convenient than ever on mobile platforms, allowing you to quickly and efficiently grind through battles that might otherwise be tedious when you’re on the go. Additionally, you can use a battle assist to give you max HP and ensure you’re undefeatable, or you can simply turn off encounters altogether if you’re just wanting to get to the next story beat.

Of course, if you’re not really looking to play the game on mobile devices, you can head right here to see the full list of modern devices on which you can access this timeless classic. Regardless of where you play it, though, just be sure you do.

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