Numskull Games Announces Treasures of the Aegean

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Tan Montana
By Tan Montana on May 6th, 2021


Creative publisher Numskull Games has stayed busy with yet another gaming presentation. This time we’ve been treated to details and gameplay of platform-esque runner Treasures of Aegean. Let’s take a look at the soon to be released title.

Treasures of the Aegean is coming to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam later 2021.

Explore a beautifully hand-drawn non-linear open-world, recover valuable relics, chart a lost island, and gather new clues in every loop to complete an ancient prophecy. Solve the riddles and mysteries that angered the old Gods on your quest to prevent history from repeating itself forever.

Numskull Games

Treasures of the Aegean Release 2021

Treasures of the Aegean will combine the gameplay of old school platformers like Pitfall with the speed and features of modern games of the genre. The art style strives to replicate western action comics with still image cut scenes. This hand drawn style carries over into the gameplay with text based sound graphics the likes of which you’d expect to see in a Adventures of Tintin. panel With a mixture of puzzles, platforming obstacles, and time-bending narrative, Treasures of Aegean is set to be another strong entry in Numskull’s dossier of published games. 

You can go here for more information on other indie and remastered titles announced at Numskull’s past presentations. 

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