Kickstarter Now Live For 3D Platformer Kandra: The Moonwalker

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By Billy Givens on May 11th, 2021


There is always something exciting about seeing new campaigns start up on Kickstarter. The potential to help developers realize their vision and create something unique and fun has made the platform great for developers looking to bring their games to life. While not every game has always been a massive success, there are plenty of titles that have gone on to be influential in the indie gaming space.

Developer Flyleaf Studios is fairly new to the scene, but their first commercial title has begun its path towards completion. As of today, the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Kandra: The Moonwalker, aiming to grant themselves even more resources to ensure they can bring the best version of the game to players later this year.

In the game, players take on the role of the titular heroine, Kandra, who is part of a clan of magic guardians. When the feathers the clan use for opening portals to other worlds get stolen, Kandra must set out on a platforming adventure to return them to their rightful home. Promising vibrant locations to explore, plenty of skills to learn, unique characters to meet, and secrets to uncover, Flyleaf Studios hopes to bring a dose of 90s platformer nostalgia to those who dive into the world they’ve worked so hard to bring to life.

The game itself boasts a wonderfully realized 3-D art style that manages to use bright colors to great effect, creating moody atmospheres that invite exploration. It is clear from the imagery provided that there will be plenty of environments to explore.

Image courtesy Flyleaf Studios

If that sounds up your alley, you don’t have a terribly long wait ahead of you, either โ€“ Kandra: The Moonwalker is slated for a 2021 release on Steam, with the desire to port over to other consoles if possible. There are numerous reward tiers, with the game itself set at about $13 at minimum, with upper tier rewards set in the thousands that offer the opportunity to work with the developers on content that will be featured in-game.

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