Celebrates Pride Month With Queer Games Bundle

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By Hayes Madsen on June 2nd, 2021


Indie platform has announced the Queer Games Bundle, a massive compilation celebrating creators in Pride Month. The bundle includes over 200 games, zines, and pieces of software, created by a wide array of LGBTQ+ developers. Even better is that the proceeds will be split evenly between the 190 different devs participating in the bundle. Of course, like the usual bundles there’s also a sliding scale that allows you to pay what you can, starting at $10, for anyone not able to afford the full-priced version. The Queer Games Bundle will be available throughout the month of June 2021.

The description for the bundle reads “If we had 1/3rd of the budget of an AAA game, we could give every solo developer a livable wage for a year and every single team a massive funding boost. Imagine what the developers and artists in this bundle could create a year from now if they weren’t worried about starving or how to pay their rent this month. “

The Queer Games Bundle is a fantastic way to discover unique and diverse games and one that directly supports the developers instead of simply giving them a small cut of the profits. Just a cursory glance at the Queer Games Bundle reveals a wealth of unique experiences. Tamales: Con Familia has you preparing tamales with your family while listening in on their intimate conversations, while Heart Is Muscle is described as “A light RPG/VN about flexing your muscles, helping friends and saving the world.” Of course, that just scratches the surface for what’s on offer. Another particular highlight is the ingeniously titles You Are Quarantined With Adam Driver and He Is Insisting On Reading You His New Script. Really, how can you turn that down?, in general, is a great platform for discovering wonderfully imaginative experiences and developers. If you’re interested in finding more games, Retroware runs a recurring newsletter titled Indie Itch, which shines a spotlight on new and unique titles published on the platform.

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