Award-Winning Card Game Wingspan Flutters Onto Xbox One Next Friday

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By Billy Givens on June 7th, 2021


Developer Monster Couch is bringing their laid-back, bird-based strategy card game Wingspan to Xbox One next Friday, June 18. The digital release is based on the award-winning board game by the same name, which was originally designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games in 2019.

Wingspan is a card game revolving around a shelter for birds where you act as the keeper and attempt to build up your reserves. This is achieved by playing different bird cards and building chains that will bolster different habitats. If it sounds unconventional, that’s because it is – but there’s a reason it won awards. I just so happens to be among the most relaxing games you can play. But if you’d like to spice things up a bit, you can play competitively against up to four other players online, too.

Wingspan already saw a release on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020, and while the game doesn’t support any type of cross-platform save transfers, Monster Couch doesn’t want to leave previous buyers out of the fun. A new “Swift Start” update will roll out alongside the Xbox One and iOS release that adds ten new birds to the roster on every platform.

Wingspan launches June 18 for $19.99 on Xbox One and will, of course, be supported on the Xbox Series family of devices, too.

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