This Pop-Punk Ocarina of Time Tribute Album is Delightful

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By Billy Givens on June 9th, 2021


Few video game soundtracks have been as endlessly revered as that of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and its incredible collection of songs has been covered across multiple genres and instruments since the game released in 1998. But there’s never been an iteration of the classic score that has been brought to life with as much energy as that of the new pop-punk collaboration album Link 182 from GameGrooves.

Link-182 features 10 of Ocarina of Time‘s most notable melodies played by a variety of Zelda-adoring bands and solo artists, such as Lacey Johnson, SuperFetch, Lame Genie, and more. If you grew up loving Blink-182 – who the album’s name is so obviously and lovingly playing off – or any of the other beloved pop-punk acts of the 90s and 00s, there’s bound to be something here to get you nostalgic in multiple ways.

The full song list for Link 182 is below:

  • “Lost Woods” by Lacey Johnson
  • “Kokiri Forest” by FuzzPixels
  • “Serenade of Water” by Celestial Fury
  • “LonLon Ranch” by Audio Mocha ft. Dewey Newt
  • “Kakariko Village” by SuperFetch
  • “Hyrule Field” by RoboRob ft. Ben Briggs and Ro Panuganti
  • “Kaepora Gaebora” by Thennecan ft. Allison Martin Trombone, Ica Tongco, and JohnStacy
  • “Water Temple” by Rhythm Bastard
  • “Song of Storms” by Lame Genie
  • “Zora’s Domain” by RoboRob ft. Lacey Johnson

Link-182 is available just about anywhere you get your music. And if you really enjoy the trip back in time with these talented artists, you might find it worth your time to check out all of the other incredible game-based music available from the GameGrooves label.

Also, if it’s been a while since you’ve played Ocarina of Time, you can always pop over here and check out all the places you can replay this timeless treasure while we wait to see if we’ll ever get a remake from Nintendo.

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