Wishfully Studios Reveals Planet of Lana For 2022 Release

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By Billy Givens on June 10th, 2021


There were tons of games shown off during today’s Summer Game Fest, and while the show’s finale may have stolen the show with its re-reveal of FromSoftware’s long-awaited RPG Elden Ring, one other game really stood out among the announcements as a truly special offering. Wishfully Studios revealed their debut title Planet of Lana during the event with a quick look at its gameplay and tone, and the initial showing of the game is already raising eyebrows everywhere.

Planet of Lana is a 2D story-driven action-puzzle experience that follows a young girl named Lana and her strange but adorable alien companion on a quest to save her sister. Its gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and cinematic direction made for quite a first look, but we also got a chance to see some gameplay that showed off plenty of monsters and machines for Lana to avoid as she navigates the planet with movement that looks akin to something like Limbo – albeit considerably more vibrant, of course.

Planet of Lana is coming to Xbox consoles and PC sometime in 2022. Those with a high-end PC or Xbox Series X will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery even more with full 4K support at 60fps. While we all anxiously wait for more information, you can learn more about this intriguing upcoming title by checking out the official website, or you can go ahead and add the game to your Steam wishlist in anticipation.

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