Animation Dominates on Last Day of Netflix’s Geeked Week

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By Sam Cooper on June 18th, 2021


We may be in a renaissance of video game adaptations. And it’s all thanks to Netflix. 

On Friday, as part of its GeekedWeek event Netflix announced a lineup of upcoming animated video game adaptations. And I am here for it. I freaking love cartoons, and I’m excited to see how they turn out.

These shows, which include adaptations of Cuphead, League of Legends and Far Cry follow the success of Netflix’s acclaimed Castlevania anime. If you haven’t seen it, you need to drop everything and watch it now.

The show which just aired its fourth and final season, which follows Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belandes teaming up with Alucard to save the world, was met with critical acclaim. And it’s getting a spin-off!


The still-unnamed series, which in production will follow Trevor and Sypha’s great-great-grandson, Richter Belmont, who teams up with Maria Renard during the French Revolution. No other details have been released.

The original tweet claimed that the series would star Trevor and Sypha’s son which led to some speculation among fans, including the Retroware team that the Infinite Corridor could play a key role in the series. 

The mistake was quickly rectified.

Having the spin-off set so far in the future means the series will certainly avoid the issue so many sequels have with the previous series’ main characters becoming parents and inexplicably forgetting everything they learned.

While a lot can change in 300 years, we can certainly expect to see Dracula again.


During the event Netflix released a teaser of the upcoming show, The Cuphead Show featuring Wayne Brady as the villainous King Dice. Based on the best-selling video game, Cuphead, the show will follow Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they explore Inkwell Isles. 

Unlike the game, the series will be geared towards children. However, it will mimic the game’s unique animation style.

The game which was released in 2017 became hugely popular thanks to rubber-hose animation art style, soundtrack and gameplay. 

The show will be released later this year.


This upcoming series based on the video game, League of Legends was supposed to be released last year but it got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced the show would premiere later this year.

The show will retell the origin stories of several of the characters from the online battle arena game and will be aimed at long-time fans.

A two minute long clip was also released.


The video game giant Ubisoft will have several video game franchises adapted into animated shows. Hang on to your butts because there’s a lot going on here. Let’s start with what will undoubtedly be the wildest show you can imagine.

Captain Laserhawk

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix: mixes several of the company’s IP’s into one mega alternate reality, homage to the 90’s. Set in a world where automation became popularized in the 1950’s – tech giant Eden controls the population.

The protagonist is Dolph Laserhawk, a cybernetic former Eden soldier looking to pull off a heist against the company. After that, all he wants to do is settle down with his boyfriend, Alex.

It will be produced by Adi Shankar, the same producer of Castlevania, so you know you’re in for something good.  It’s a gay, dystopian heist anime…what more can you possibly ask for?

Splinter Cell

Based on the video game of the same name, the anime Splinter Cell has an unknown release date. The show, much like the game, will focus on the former U.S. Navy SEAL Sam Fisher after he is recruited by the NSA to work for the mysterious Third Echelon division

 It will be helmed by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. Nothing else has been revealed.

Far Cry

Not much is known about the Far Cry animated series – it isn’t even clear which of the franchise’s games will get the adaptation treatment. Because of the franchise’s lack of intertwining narrative or themes, there is a number of directions this series could go in.

So we’ll just have to wait and see which of the many memorable protagonists and villains will appear in the show.

Netflix also discussed a number of live-action adaptations of video games, including the second season of The Witcher and the upcoming Resident Evil show. 

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