Quirky Fantasy Action-Adventure Death’s Door Out Now for Xbox and PC

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By Billy Givens on July 20th, 2021


You know you’re in for a treat when a new Devolver Digital game lands, and today’s one of those days. Developer Acid Nerve – the creative force behind 2015’sTitan Souls – is back again with another action-packed experience called Death’s Door, which you can download immediately on all Xbox platforms and PC.

Death’s Door is billed as an “offbeat fantasy action-adventure,” which places you in a mysterious world where Crows reap the souls of the dead. As one of these Crows, you’re tasked with tracking down a soul that has been stolen, soon finding yourself in a new realm wherein creatures continue to live and grow far beyond their time. While it sounds twisted and discomforting (which it certainly is), rest assured that it’s also a comedic tale full of quirky characters and off-kilter dialogue.

Throughout your journey through this dark and unusual realm, you’ll use melee, ranged, and magical attacks to take down your foes. Like Titan Souls before it, Death’s Door makes great use of the classic isometric camera angle, giving you plenty of awareness of your surroundings and offering you some freedom in how you tackle them with the game’s fast and fluid combat.

Death’s Door is almost certain to be yet another hit for Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital, so if you’re a fan of top-down action-adventure games, this one might be right up your alley. You can give it a go right now om Xbox or PC for the reasonable entry price of only $19.99. Keep an eye out for our review, which will launch later this week!

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