Town-Builder Littlewood Receives Limited Physical Edition On Switch This Thursday

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By Billy Givens on August 3rd, 2021


SmashGames has teamed up with Super Rare Games for a physical release of the charming town-building title Littlewood this Thursday, August 5, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Only 4,000 copies of this physical version of Littlewood will ever be made available, so if you’re a fan looking to get your hands on one, you’ll want to be ready to make a fast transaction when it goes on sale at 10am PT/1pm ET. Be aware, though, that there is a limit of 2 copies per customer, so if you were hoping to gift any of these physical editions to friends, you might have some tough decisions to make.

The Littlewood physical edition will come the game cartridge, interior artwork, a full-color manual, a sticker, and three trading cards from the five card set. Additionally, you can also get your hands on some Littlewood trading card booster packs while you’re at it to help you get all five unique cards, if you’re one of the many people who adore collecting these extras.

If you haven’t checked out Littlewood yet, you may find this to be a great opportunity check out this relaxing title. Not only is it a competent and enjoyable town-building experience, but it’s set in a time after your character has already saved the world and is seeking to rebuild it, giving it a compelling and unconventional plot thread that stands out in the genre. Whether you’re exploring, collecting resources, building structures, or getting to know your fellow villagers, Littlewood should be well worth the time for fans of games like Stardew Valley, Forager, or Animal Crossing.

The physical version of Littlewood will run you a pretty affordable $37.49, and Super Rare Games is promising that shipping should take place very soon after purchase. However, if you’re not interested in owning the game physically but would still love to check it out for its laid back gameplay and cute visuals, you can always just grab the downloadable version of it on Switch or PC right away.

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