6th Annual Game Devs Of Color Expo Announces Schedule and Games

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Tan Montana
By Tan Montana on August 22nd, 2021


September 23-27 is the 6th annual Game Devs of Color Expo, and it’s all online as of 2020. Let’s take a look at this unique and groundbreaking event’s sixth year and what we can expect from the panels, interviews, and game news. Visit https://www.gamedevsofcolorexpo.com/ to get your ticket and show your support now.

Coming to your screen September 23โ€“27, 2021, the 6th annual Game Devs of Color Expo is dedicated to amplifying the creative power held by people of color in games. Join us for a multi-day celebration of diverse voices. Youโ€™ll meet a variety of amazing creators from around the world and learn to build and market games players love.

GDOC Staff

AMplifying the creative power of POC Developers

GDOC Expo isn’t just an event to show off games or talk about upcoming indies but rather an event for creators to get the support and attention that their games deserve. It’s a great way to be introduced to some truly fantastic creators and their bodies of work. As of 2019, the organizing team and Expo runners offered their first grant to a developer in the form of the Humble Bundle Game Creator of color award. Since then, GDOC has given an additional $90,000 of funds to creators. The Expo has been a powerful force for not just supporting artists and creators but especially creators who might otherwise have had their games pushed toward the margins of the game industry.

Creators of color make great games but are often pushed to the margins. We fight to create a better games industry that is intersectional and equitable.

GDOC Staff

Advice from indepedent creators

Beyond providing content on new games as well as grants for creators, much like past events, GDOC will feature full-length interviews and talks from industry veterans not just for passionate gamers but for like-minded creators. This year will cover a wide array of essential topics ranging from entering the industry for the first time (Dani Lalonders) to more aged advice like 10 Lessons from 10 Years in Game Development (Joe Palmer). Again, this is an event by creators for creators with an emphasis and understanding of the day to day realities of marginalized game developers. The benefit to independent creators and developers cant be understated and has been proved again and again in years past. Here at Retroware, we’re looking forward to GDOC 2021 excited and ready for a bountiful feast of games, sage advice, and behind-the-scenes conversations from the creators that make them.

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