Arcade Racer Cruis’n Blast Gets Nintendo Switch Port Next Week

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By Billy Givens on September 9th, 2021


If you’re a fan of old-school arcade-style racers, you’ll be delighted to hear that Raw Thrills is bringing its arcade title Cruis’n Blast to Nintendo Switch on September 14.

Cruis’n Blast – the fourth entry in the long-running series of racing titles – was originally released in arcades in 2017, and its release on Switch marks the first console game in the franchise in over a decade, with the most recent release being the simply-titled Cruis’n for the Wii back in 2007. This new iteration isn’t just a straight port of the arcade version, though – it’s actually sporting a collection of cool new features in its move to Nintendo’s portable console.

The biggest change you can expect in Cruis’n Blast on Switch is that it has significantly more courses for you to blaze through. Whereas the arcade version offered only five, this updated release will grant you access to a whopping 29 in total. With 23 different vehicles that range from normal sports cars to bizarre machinery – including a hulking tank, if you’re so inclined – you and up to three other friends will have plenty of options when playing together via the same console or local play with multiple units.

Cruis’n Blast looks like a great time for arcade racer enthusiasts and casual players alike, largely thanks to its wacky premise, colorful aesthetic, and accessible gameplay. If you’re feeling excited about the prospect of diving into this one, you can pick it up next week for $39.99 exclusively on Switch.

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