Fill Up Your Tank: You Can Buy Gas Station Simulator Right Now On PC

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By Billy Givens on September 15th, 2021


Dragon Entertainment’s management game Gas Station Simulator is now available on Steam.

Gas Station Simulator‘s free prologue was a massive streaming success, bringing in over 10+ million views on YouTube alone and garnering widespread acclaim from those who spent their time with it prior to the full release. Now that it’s available for everyone to pick up in its entirety, it’s almost certain to continue that trend of popularity, especially considering the surprising depth it offers for gamers who enjoy the gradual but rewarding progression offered in simulation titles.

In this simulator, you own a gas station in the Midwest that needs some serious improvements. You’ll spend your time making substantial renovations while balancing your need to take care of your growing number of customers who all have their own unique expectations to meet. When you’re not repairing, painting, or buying new equipment, you can even engage in a handful of minigames for a break from the high demands of your job.

Gas Station Simulator will also come to console at some point in 2022, though Drago Entertainment hasn’t shared a specific date. In the meantime, you can pick it up right now during its launch sale on Steam and net 10% off its normal price of only $19.99. For a game that has made quite an impression on simulation fans everywhere, that’s quite a steal!

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