ICYMI: Indie Gem The Touryst Finally Came To PlayStation

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By Billy Givens on September 18th, 2021


In case you missed it, you should know that Shin’en Multimedia’s puzzle platformer title The Touryst finally joined the PlayStation family on September 9. Having previously released for Nintendo Switch in 2019 and then Xbox and PC in 2020, the game’s launch on PS4 and PS5 means that it is now available on every major platform.

The Touryst is a colorful island-hopping adventure that casts you as an unnamed tourist who has just arrived to, well, Touryst Island. You soon discover that the island is home to a giant monument that houses a secret that can only be revealed if you’re willing to seek out four other monuments and obtain their cores. Though it all sounds like it might be dark and mysterious on paper, most of the game is actually a very bright and cheery experience filled to the brim with humor and very casual gameplay.

Most of your time in The Touryst will be spent exploring various islands, helping their residents and fellow tourists, and exploring the monuments you discover along the way. You’ll solve clever environmental puzzles, take part in some occasional platforming segments with double jumping and dashing, and even engage in multiple one-off mini-games that might net you some currency to buy travel guides that open up new islands to explore. It’s all extremely laid back, though, so you’re free to take your time and tackle much of it in whatever order you’d like. You’re on vacation after all!

The Touryst received largely positive reviews upon its initial release, and seeing as little to nothing has changed in its move to PlayStation, you can rest assured it’s still quite a good time. If you’re sold on it, you can head over to PSN and pick it up for $19.99. Of course, if you’d like to play it elsewhere, it’s also available for Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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