2D Puzzle-Platformer Haustoria Out Now On Switch

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By Billy Givens on September 24th, 2021


Antares Games’ puzzle-platformer Haustoria has released today for Nintendo Switch.

Haustoria is a 2D title featuring hand-drawn art inspired by book illustrations, providing a distinct visual style that makes it a unique entry among its peers. As a young boy, you navigate a world that has been cursed by a cosmic plant known as โ€“ you guessed it โ€“ the Haustoria, making your way through locations like an unusual forest, a creepy house, a trap-laden dungeon, and a dark and dreary cave.

Puzzles make up a large portion of your time in Haustoria, and the clever mechanics at play certainly set the game apart. You’ll make use of what is called the “magical thumbtack” system, allowing you to pin and unpin the objects within the game world so that you can then use them to cross obstacles or reach hidden areas. You’ll also find plenty of forest dwelling companions to catch and use along your journey to assist you in clearing paths and taking down dangerous monsters that stand in the way of you solving the mystery of the Haustoria.

Haustoria is available right now on Nintendo Switch for $12.99. The game also released for Steam back in 2020, so if you’re not rocking Nintendo’s portable console, you can always check it out on your PC where it’s only $4.99. Even better, the game has received largely positive reception from players, so wherever you decide to pick it up, it should be worth its meager asking price.

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