Deep-Sea Platformer Lumione Comes To Switch And PC This Month

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By Billy Givens on October 1st, 2021


Glimmer Studio will release their challenging deep-sea platformer Lumione on October 13 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

It’d be fair to point out that Lumione looks a bit like an underwater Ori and the Blind Forest, largely due to its fairytale aesthetic and 2D precision platforming, but this adventure has plenty of its own ideas up its sleeve. As a deep-sea fairy, you’ll be tasked with exploring a variety of locations on your quest to find the light and bring hope back to the darkest reaches of the ocean. Taking place entirely underwater, this charming title appears to require a lot of precise movement and solid understanding of its mechanics in order to overcome the treacherous valleys, ruins, and groves filled with obstacles that could put an end to your run rather quickly.

As with most platformers, Lumione asks you to jump, glide, and climb your way through increasingly difficult stages, and with the game promising plenty of challenge across its 170+ levels, there should be plenty to keep genre fans happy here. Glimmer Studio insists the game provides an addictive loop that will keep you begging for more, though, so hopefully it will be significantly more enticing than frustrating.

Lumione will cost $12.99 on Switch and $11.99 on PC, but you can score a 10% discount if you pre-order it or pick it up within the first week of its release. And if you’re feeling a little impatient or simply don’t know if you’re sold on this unique platformer yet, you can even check out a demo for the game on Steam right now.

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