Interstellar Adventure JETT: The Far Shore Launches Tomorrow

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By Billy Givens on October 4th, 2021


 Superbrothers A/V Inc. and Pine Scented Software Ltd. will release their exploratory adventure JETT: The Far Shore tomorrow for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Epic Games Store on PC.

JETT: The Far Shore casts players as Mei, a scout that becomes the very first person to be deployed onto a strange ocean planet. Once on the planet, she’ll be tasked with learning about its flora and fauna, discovering its hidden reaches, and tracing the origins of an interstellar invitation that her people to seek out this new world to begin with in hopes of uncovering the secret to their salvation. The development team promises a wide variety of locations to explore, creatures to meet, obstacles to overcome, and companions to befriend.

Gameplay in JETT: The Far Shore is segmented into multiple styles, granting you time to engage in relaxing exploration on the planet’s surface, skim your ‘jett’ across the coastlines, or cope with perilous situations that require quick-thinking or combat. There are even first-person sections that allow you to interact with your fellow scouts and learn more about their personal struggles. Things are rounded off with a beautiful soundtrack by Scntfc to keep the mood set upon this dreary water-based planet.

JETT: The Far Shore seems like quite a compelling adventure to undertake for those seeking something that values exploration and patience. If that’s you, you can check the game out tomorrow on PlayStation and Epic Games Store. And if you’d like, you can even snag it at a 10% discount if you go ahead and pre-order it ahead of the release.

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