Far Cry 6’s Ending Features One Hell of a Far Cry 3 Cameo

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By Billy Givens on October 9th, 2021


Far Cry 6 released this past Thursday, and although it features a whole new story of revolution on the fictional island of Yara, it also features a few intriguing Far Cry 3 Easter eggs.

Most players will notice early on that there’s a mission where you’re asked to use a flamethrower to burn fields of tobacco. It’s a clever callback to a fan-favorite Far Cry 3 mission wherein the player burns fields of marijuana, and main character Dani even comments on the familiarity of the task. But if you thought that was the end of Far Cry 6’s references to the third entry, you’re sorely mistaken.

Major spoilers after the video. You’ve been warned.

Far Cry 6 may tell a brand new story with all-new characters, but there’s a very unusual call that takes place at the very end of the game that features the voice of a Far Cry 3 character we’ve all expected to be dead. And as you may have easily guessed, yes, it’s beloved villain Vaas, who was stabbed and left to die by the third game’s main character Jason Brody.

After the credits roll in Far Cry 6, we overhear a phone call between Juan Cortez and Vaas wherein they discuss the supply of the game’s fictional cancer drug. While Juan refers to the other voice as “smuggler”, it’s very clearly original Vaas actor Michael Mando on the other end.

It’s unknown if this is meant only to be a fun little Easter egg or if Ubisoft is actually implying that Vaas survived his stabbing in Far Cry 3 and could potentially make an official return in future games. All we know for now is that Vaas is one of three previous villains that will make non-canon appearances in DLC packs for Far Cry 6, where they’ll be playable characters in roguelike adventures.

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