Monster Crown Now Available On Consoles and PC

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By Billy Givens on October 12th, 2021


After a successful year in Steam Early Access, Soedesco and Studio Aurum have released their monster taming title Monster Crown for all major platforms today.

Monster Crown has been shown appreciation for how it takes a tried and true formula and matures it for modern audiences. In this somewhat darker-than-expected quest, players take control of a monster tamer who is attempting to stop a sadistic villain from ruling the lands as a tyrant, but the choices you make throughout the story will allow you to become the hero or a dark messiah.

Monster Crown allows you to tame and fuse over 200 unique species of creatures as you explore the dark world of Crown Island. It even features an online mode where you’re free to battle against other monster tamers across the globe or trade your fused monsters with theirs to obtain brand new fighters for your own team.

Monster Crown received over 40 updates during its time in Early Access, many of which included new story segments, new monsters, and whole new regions to explore. Glancing at the game’s Steam rating of 9/10, it seems it was a wildly successful period of time wherein the developers worked with and listened to the community to ensure that this monster taming adventure would be everything they hoped it’d be.

In addition to today’s digital release, you can also pick up Monster Crown physically on all platforms except Steam.

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