Pacifist Metroidvania Sheepo Out Today

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By Billy Givens on October 20th, 2021


Top Hat Studios have released their acclaimed pacifist Metroidvania Sheepo for all major consoles today.

Unlike most games in the Metroidvania genre, Sheepo lacks traditional combat in favor of focusing solely on the exploration and intrigue. In this unusual title, players take control of the titular Sheepo, a shape-shifting sheep zoologist, who must explore a mysterious planet and collect samples of its various species. The planet’s star is dying, so Sheepo’s goal is to find and collect as much as possible to save the creatures from extinction โ€“ and upon finding each species’ egg, the character can shape-shift into it to assist with accessing new areas on the map.

Sheepo brings with it plenty of varied platforming and unique gameplay thanks to the ability to morph into other species. And as with any Metroidvania, there will be no shortage of non-linear locations to traverse and secrets to uncover, including over 75 collectibles to find and use as currency. A cute visual style and quirky soundtrack round things out to make for an all-around pleasant experience through and through.

Sheepo initially launched on Steam back in August of last year, and it was met with overwhelming positivity. It’s safe to expect that the game plays just as well on consoles, so at the low price of $10.99, it’s a low risk investment that is likely to pay off for fans of the genre. Those who pick it up on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will also benefit from additional features like 4K/60fps support, speedrun leaderboards, and more.

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