Fan Remakes Ape Escape’s First Level In Unreal Engine 4

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By Billy Givens on October 27th, 2021


A fan has used Unreal Engine 4 to remake the first level of one of the original PlayStation’s most beloved games.

Game developer Yahya Danboos has recreated the first level of the PS1’s 1999 hit Ape Escape, bringing it to life with stunning visuals that would look right at home on a PlayStation 5. Danboos handled the level’s remake entirely on his own by crafting the environments, implementing the UI, and adding in the sound and particle effects. He shows the game off using a next-gen RTX in the video below:

Danboos gained some attention earlier this year when his remake of the Japan-only PS1 endless runner Pepsiman made the rounds. The developer was forced to call his remake Sodaman so as to dodge any copyright infringement with Pepsi, though the game still features plenty of Pepsi references throughout.

As for Ape Escape, a quick glance at the classic 3D action platformer with such a modern aesthetic could bring waves of nostalgia to almost any fan of that era. It makes you wonder why Sony seems to have abandoned the series โ€“ though it’s worth noting that Team Asobi (previously Japan Studio) actually holds the Ape Escape trademark, so the future of the franchise (or lack thereof) is in their hands.

You can download the remake of Ape Escape‘s first level right here.

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