Frenetic Shooter Bright Memory: Infinite Lands On PC This Friday

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By Billy Givens on November 8th, 2021


FYQD Studios’ fast-paced and visually stunning FPS Bright Memory: Infinite will launch on PC this Friday, November 12.

Bright Memory: Infinite serves as an expanded sequel of sorts to the original Bright Memory, which launched in 2019 for PC and 2020 for Xbox Series S and X. In it, players take control of protagonist Shelia, an elite investigator at the Supernatural Science Research Organization, who uncovers a world-changing secrets while investigating a phenomenon during Chinese New Year’s Eve in 2036.

There’s no shortage of gorgeous visuals and frenetic gameplay in Bright Memory: Infinite. With new wall-running moves, blocking capabilities, and a variety of fresh weapons to deploy, Shelia is a force to be reckoned with. The game also features an upgrade system that allows players to improve her weapon proficiency and skills to customize their playstyle.

Bright Memory: Infinite will be available Friday for $19.99 on Steam and GOG. However, players who own the original Bright Memory on Steam prior to Thursday, November 11 will be able to obtain a free copy of Bright Memory: Infinite upon release.

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