Polymega, Playmaji’s Retro Multi-Console, Getting N64 Add-On in 2022, Digital Storefront Still Coming

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By Juno Stump on December 3rd, 2021


Polymega, Playmaji’s multi-system retro console, has already earned the love of the retro community, especially collectors. Anyone interested will have to buy it at a high price, costing more than the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch, but those consoles also don’t include Sega Saturn support straight out of the box.

The Polymega includes support for several additional CD-based legacy formats, including Sony’s first PlayStation console and the Neo-Geo CD, but the rest is up to you. Cartridge-based console support through separate hardware, called modules, which can be purchased separately. Once connected to the Polymega, compatible games from each corresponding library can be played.

Play Nintendo games the way they were meant to look

Playmaji seems to have made good on its promise to bring additional console support to the Polymega, especially in the short time the system has been available for purchase. The four modules currently available include support for some incredibly popular systems, including NES, SNES, Genesis, and 32X. The Polymega is already the ultimate retro system, especially for collectors (more on that later!), but the announcement of an N64 module offers up even more Nintendo power.

While speaking with Nintendo Life, Playmaji CEO & co-founder Bryan Bernal shared some details on the company, its future plans, and the new N64 module that’s coming soon to the Polymega.

The Polymega console with EM01 attached

The EM05 Ultra Element Module brings region-free N64 support to the Polymega, and in a more authentic way than on Nintendo’s own console and online service. It does come with a catch, though one that’s unlikely to trouble most of the system’s audience.

A costly endeavor for those outside the collecting scene

The Polymega is capable of playing thousands of games but only if you have a physical copy of the game. Or a backup copy that’s ripped onto a cartridge or disc. You know, so you can keep the original copy in good shape and on the shelf. The system also allows users to install games to the internal storage, at which point games can be loaded without the need for their respective physical media. I wrote a guide on buying/trading games online that should make this process a little easier but old games aren’t cheap, especially N64 titles, so it’s definitely going to add up regardless.

That being said, Bernal also provided an update on Polymega’s digital storefront, which could be a good solution for anyone deterred by the current state of the secondhand game market. Some games are extremely difficult to find at all, let alone for a reasonable price. And who knows? Maybe a digital storefront filled with thousands of classic games could drive down prices some, even if only a little. It could even convince Nintendo to sell classic Nintendo games on the company’s system.

The Polymega console and modules can certainly add up in price, especially when factoring in the cost of games if you’re not already a collector, but Playmaji has already shown it’s committed to keeping old games around and playable, which could be good for all of us.

The base console is available for $449.99 and includes the system, a wireless controller, and everything you need to start playing. As a reminder, the base console doesn’t support any cartridge-based formats. Additional modules can be purchased separately for $79.99, and currently include the following: EM01 NES Element Module Set, EM02 SNES SFC Element Module Set, EM03 MD GEN 32X Element Module Set, and EM04 PCE SGX TG16 Element Module Set.

The Polymega console with EM01 attached

EM05 Ultra Element Module Set is currently scheduled to release sometime in 2022. The ultra-cool add-on will cost $79.99 and includes several rad features, including support for 4 controllers (sold separately).

Playmaji’s digital store has no expected launch date as of writing but Bernal did tell Nintendo Life that the company has “received a great deal of interest from publishers and developers on this front.”

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