ICYMI: Bullet Hell RPG Archvale Launched Last Week

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By Billy Givens on December 9th, 2021


Humble Games’ bullet hell role-playing game Archvale launched last week. If you haven’t checked it out, you may want to change that, as its reception is growing more positive day by day.

Archvale wastes very little energy on its story, though it does give you the basics: You’re a young adventurer who must set out on an adventure to collect the necessary components to build an arch that will usher in the long-awaited end to a period of shadowy unrest. Along the way, you’ll journey through a collection of diverse biomes as you level up weapons and upgrade your health so that you can prepare to tackle monstrous bosses. Its isometric camera angle and extremely fast pace is reminiscent of the recent hit Bullet Witch, so if that’s your jam, you may find a lot to love here.

Don’t be fooled, however: Due to its retro art style, charming NPCs, and colorful locales, you might get the idea that this is a casual and relaxing experience, but Archvale‘s bullet hell chaos will test the mettle of even seasoned players. It’s all thoroughly rewarding, though, with a constant stream of fresh armor and deadly weapons โ€“ such as boomerangs, swords, crossbows, magic staves, and so much more โ€“ each providing wholly unique playstyle choices. Because gear is swappable on the fly, you’re free to experiment as much as you’d like with all of Archvale‘s options to ensure the experience never grows stale.

You can pick up Archvale right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $14.99. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, that’s even better, as it’s available at no extra charge on Xbox or PC.

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