Chef RPG Kickstarter is Cooking With Fire

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By Sterling Silver on December 13th, 2021


World 2 Studio, an indie developer out of Canada, is asking important questions like, what if we mixed Gordon Ramsay with games like Stardew Valley and Eastward? The answer is Chef RPG, a game where you get to simulate owning your own restaurant, gathering your own food, and searching for new recipes. The Kickstarter had a goal of $40,000 USD, which it has entirely smashed, and has raised over $120,000 USD in just over three weeks.

The Kickstarter also features quite a lengthy reveal trailer, showcasing combat with a bow and arrow, collecting resources like mushrooms, customizing your restaurant with different equipment and furniture, and exploring the cute pixel town the game is set in. When talking about the inspirations behind Chef RPG, the Kickstarter has this to say-

In Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape TV show, he highlights that many chefs will collect their own ingredients in the wilderness. This became the basis of Chef RPG’s concept. While most chef games focus on restaurant management and cooking, we want to tie those elements together with the exploration, foraging, and socialization aspects of games like Stardew Valley, to form a holistic chef experience. This becomes a game about YOU, and what kind of chef you want to be. 

One thing the Kickstarter emphasises is playing the way you want, and growing your restaurant in your own way. There will even be a skill tree for your avatar to develop in unique ways. The developers have stated that Chef RPG will-

Contain a main storyline and multiple side quests given by various NPCs. Throughout your journey, every decision you make will affect what kind of chef you will become. Will you master the culinary arts and create the most delicious dishes for your customers? Perhaps become a brave adventurer and impress your customers with rare ingredients? Or maybe, create a network of friends and grow your business through charisma and marketing? Each action provides you with experience, and you can earn skill points to unlock special abilities. Through this skill tree system, dozens of character builds will be available for you to try! The choices are yours, and each choice will impact the outcome of your story.

Chef RPG started production in July of 2020 and it set to be released in September of 2023. The game is set to release on Mac and Steam first, with a Nintendo Switch port releasing at an unspecified not too distant future. If you want to see more Chef RPG, check out Pixel Architect, one of the developers behind the projects, YouTube page.


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