Yolked Developer Hatches Early Access Update Next Week

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By Billy Givens on January 14th, 2022


The aptly named HardBoiled Studios will hatch a new early access update for their egg-centric title Yolked on January 19.

Yolked is a kinetic, physics-based platformer wherein you’re tasked with navigating an anthropomorphic egg with arms across a collection of challenging levels. The game currently features three unique biomes to explore (kitchen, attic, and backyard) as you collect tons of egg-citing new costumes and chase down high scores by learning optimal routes through levels.

Here’s what next Wednesday’s update will bring to Yolked:

  • 2 new particle collectibles
  • A new creepy crawly spider costume collectible
  • We know you hated looking at our names when you beat our eggs, so we let you scramble past that now!
  • More adjustments, improvements, and bug fixes

Next week’s update isn’t even the first one of January, though. Earlier this month, the HardBoiled Studios fried up another patch that introduced integrated Steam achievements and a handful of bug fixes. The team is hoping to continue cracking down on bugs and ensuring the game is well-done before its full release, so they’re looking for all the feedback they can get. You can offer your help while keeping an eye on what the team is whisking up by joining the game’s official Discord.

You can check out Yolked right now via Steam Early Access. The game is expected to scramble up a full release on PC and Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Sorry for cracking so many puns. Omelette myself out now.

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