2D Soulslike Watcher Chronicles Hits Steam This Week

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By Billy Givens on January 17th, 2022


Third Sphere Games Studios’ 2D Soulslike title Watcher Chronicles will release this Wednesday, January 19 exclusively on Steam.

Watcher Chronicles has been in development for four years, so Third Sphere Games Studios is no doubt excited to finally unleash the game for players to experience. Fans of Dark Souls and similar games will be right at home here, too, as Watcher Chronicles is designed to be a challenging adventure that is certain to test the mettle of even seasoned gamers. Luckily for those seeking a bit of assistance, a local co-op feature means that you can tackle the game with a friend to make things a bit easier on you both.

Watcher Chronicles will ask you to endure over 20 merciless bosses that are hellbent on stopping you from progressing. Using the genre’s usual block, roll, and attack mechanics, you’ll have to fight with everything you’ve got to overcome what stands in your way. You’ll be able to explore areas for well-hidden secrets, find and upgrade a bevy of weapons and armor, and use powerful magic to help you on your journey. Those who survive their first run can get back at it with a New Game+ mode, too.

Watcher Chronicles will be available exclusively on PC via Steam starting Wednesday for $20, but early adopters can get a 20% discount on that price for the first week after release. The game’s soundtrack will also be available for $5 if you’d like to score some tunes.

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