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TE is a nostalgia-fueled writer, editor, educator, and gamer from Asbury Park, New Jersey. Follow her on ig @thatkissthatkid or @retroanimetropes.
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    Castlevania: Rondo of Brilliance

    Castlevania Rondo of Blood did a lot to pave the way for Symphony of the Night, and stands tall as a great entry in the historic vampire slaying franchise.

    A Horrorshock Showcase: SPLATTERHOUSE 3

    Capping out the gore-filled Splatterhouse trilogy, Splatterhouse 3 fails to deliver on the series’ potential, and winds up feeling more tiring than terrifying

    A Horrorshock Showcase: SPLATTERHOUSE 2

    A girlfriend to save. Monsters to bash in. Blood to spill. Splatterhouse 2 continues the gory story as Rick Taylor spirals further into madness to gain redemption.