If You Pre-Ordered A Polymega At WalMart, Read This

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By Thomas Wilde on January 29th, 2021


Playmaji, the California-based company behind the all-in-one retro console the Polymega, has announced that it’s run into problems selling its systems through Walmart. Any customer in North America who has put in a pre-order for a Polymega console through walmart.com is officially requested to cancel it outright and reorder via the official Polymega website.

The Polymega is advertised as a device to “move legacy games forward into the future.” The base unit is an all-in-one device that can play discs from the PlayStation, Saturn, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, and Neo Geo CD, with additional add-on modules available that add direct support for NES, SNES, Genesis, and TurboGrafx-16 cartridges.

According to Playmaji, which initially made the announcement via its website, Twitter, and Instagram on Tuesday the 26th, Walmart.com changed some of its personnel late last year and Playmaji’s lines of communication with the company subsequently broke down. Since then, Playmaji has lost contact with Walmart and its distributor, despite multiple emails, phone calls, and unspecified threats of legal action.

As a result, Playmaji no longer has any idea which of its customers might have ordered a Polymega through Walmart’s website, so it can’t fulfill the orders. Therefore, it’s resorting to word of mouth. Walmart customers with a Polymega preorder are encouraged to cancel it and reorder via Polymega.com. Those affected have been given a digital discount code, WALMART50, which will provide a $50 discount off of the list price.

“Please let your friends know to change their preorders over to our website, and we will fulfill them directly to them as soon as possible,” Playmaji wrote on the official Polymega website. “We will provide a precise timeline once we know exactly how many are ordered, but they will likely be fulfilled in April-May 2021 given the ballpark numbers we did get before Walmart went dark on us.”

First announced in 2017 under the name RetroBlox, the Polymega was initially scheduled for launch in 2019, then July of 2020, then November of 2020, before finally sliding to some point this year. (Playmaji’s problems with Walmart are apparently at least partially to blame for the most recent delay, as per rumors surrounding the announcement back in November.) Some media outlets got review units for the Polymega in late 2020, defying criticisms that the console had become full-on vaporware.

As of right now, Polymega hopes to ship units to its pre-order customers in April to May of 2021, with any pre-orders made after January 24th planned for fulfillment in Q3 2021.

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