Old School RuneScape Has Finally Slid Onto Steam

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By Billy Givens on February 25th, 2021


The time has finally come – Old School RuneScape has at long last launched on Steam during the week of its eighth anniversary. It had previously only been available via the PC and Mac desktop clients and mobile devices, so this release makes Steam the fifth place in which enthusiasts can get their hands on this immensely popular game. Even better, the Steam version offers cross-play and cross-progression with all of the other platforms.

The game’s anniversary is being celebrated in-game by offering players the banana cape cosmetic item, while hundreds of thousands of people have been gathering in the town of Lumbridge to throw welcoming parties for those joining the game via Steam. The new platform launch has already been bringing tons of excited new fans into the fold to bolster the already staggeringly high player count within the world of Gielinor.

Old School Runescape Executive Producer, Rob Hendry, shared his excitement for the release in a statement, saying:

Old School has something for everyone, and this past year we’ve seen it hit new heights: it’s seen the largest number of concurrent players, most members ever, and millions of active players across both the members edition and those who enjoy the game for free on both desktop and mobile. Old School is ever-growing and thanks to a vibrant and empowered community behind it, adventure is now calling for Steam users and I know that our existing players are ready to welcome the new arrivals.

Old School RuneScape, which originally launched back in February of 2013, has been a popular source of nostalgia for fans of the long-living MMO, using backup data from 2007 to offer players a retro experience. Unlike its contemporary version, this older iteration ignores the Evolution of Combat update in favor of the original combat system, exudes retro charm with its very basic visuals, and is missing quite a lot of the other quality of life upgrades that have come to RuneScape in the many years since the title first launched. But for millions of players, that seems to be the charm!

If you’re interested in jumping into Old School RuneScape on Steam, it’s available right away. The game is free, but it offers a paid membership that opens the world up with significantly more quests, skills, and story content, so you have plenty of options for how you’d like to play.

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