Epic Games Acquires Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic But Promises Not Much Will Change

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By Billy Givens on March 3rd, 2021


Unless you’ve been chilling under a rock for the past year โ€“ and all things considered, no one would blame you โ€“ you’ve likely heard of a popular little battle royale game called Fall Guys. Developer Mediatonic has been blown away by the reception of their colorful and exciting game, and it seems they’re ready to take things to the next step by joining forces with one of gaming’s most well-known and successful publishers, Epic Games.

That’s right โ€“ the developer and publisher behind Fortnite, arguably the biggest game in the world, has acquired Mediatonic. However, those worried that such an acquisition could turn Fall Guys into something less consumer-friendly or more complicated shouldn’t be too worried โ€“ at least not for now. Epic has released a statement promising that “your gameplay isnโ€™t changing and Epic will continue to invest in making the game a great experience for players across platforms.”

Though the game originally launched via PlayStation Plus for PS4 and on PC via Steam back in August of last year, Epic has now also confirmed that it will be coming soon to Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Considering that Epic has their own online storefront on PC โ€“ known simply as Epic Games Store โ€“ it’s unknown at this stage whether Fall Guys will stick around on Steam permanently, but the short FAQ released alongside the acquisition announcement seems to indicate that the game won’t be leaving Valve’s platform anytime soon.

Mediatonic has declared interest in adding new features to Fall Guys in the future, too, including account systems, squad vs squad modes, and cross-play between every platform. With these options already being available in most Epic releases, it’s reasonable to assume the publisher will be able to help them make that dream a reality. We’ll have to wait and see just how much the game can grow under Epic’s umbrella without sacrificing what has made it such a simple and charming experience. though.

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