Cancelled Game Boy Color RPG Infinity Gets New Life 20 Years Later

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By Billy Givens on March 11th, 2021


Following a twenty year hiatus, long-lost Game Boy Color RPG Infinity is making a triumphant return. Developer Incube8 Games has announced their upcoming Kickstarter for the game’s revival, promising to finally finish the once highly-anticipated title for those who have waited two decades for a chance to play it.

Having originally been in development by Affinix Software between 1999 and 2001, Infinity was an unfortunate victim of the market shift towards Nintendo’s newest handheld, the beloved Game Boy Advance. The game was officially cancelled in 2002 as the developers began to realize it wouldn’t make nearly the splash they had hoped on older hardware, ultimately breaking up Affinix as a whole and sending the team on new and separate adventures.

Thanks to a former Affinix developer, an unfinished version of Infinity began making the rounds as a ROM in 2016. It was a wonderful look at what the group had put together, but it was filled with bugs and glitches that eventually caused the game to crash around a fourth of the way through the journey. For a time, however, it was the only glimpse of this abandoned RPG that many gamers thought they’d ever see โ€“ but all of that is about to change.

On the 20th anniversary of Infinity, Incube8 has assembled a team full of new faces and returning Affinix devs, all of whom are eager to complete and release this GBC relic. Even better, the game will actually release on a GBC cartridge, therefore making it fully playable on the hardware for which it was always intended. The group promises to deliver on the title’s initial promise of over 50 explorable areas, strategic battles, powerful story that deals with themes of loss, war, and reclaiming lost honor, with over 20 hours of total gameplay.

As of now, no further information is available about a release date for Infinity, nor has it been confirmed if the game will ever see a downloadable release on modern hardware. That being said, you can keep up with news regarding this old-school revival by subscribing to Incube8’s newsletter and keeping an eye out for the upcoming Kickstarter.

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