Total War: Rome Remastered Conquers its Way Onto PC This April

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Tan Montana
By Tan Montana on March 25th, 2021


In just four short days, Total War: ROME REMASTERED will be available for purchase on Steam. With the twentieth year anniversary of the series upon us, now is the perfect time for the remaster of a classic. The original Rome: Total War isn’t just a classic entry in the series, but rather an entry that defined every subsequent Total War game that followed. What can we expect from a remaster of one of the most important strategy games of all time?

Improvements and Updates

Without a doubt, this is the game that set the mold for future Total War games. That being said, the original is dated compared to what we’ve come to expect from some of the modern additions. The remaster aims to add not just new features but greatly improved and updated visuals as well.

With 4k resolution support and updated 3D unit models and textures, Sega Europe and Creative Assembly will bring the game alongside its modern counterpart with visuals. There will also be improved sound design and audio mix to hear the glory of hundreds of troops clashing at once in chaotic clarity. The UI will also have a more intuitive and modern rehaul, on top of improved camera controls and map overlays. All in all, it looks like it will play like a more modern version of the series.

 “The original release of Rome marks a special time for us as our first major break-out title; it’s amazing to get the opportunity to Remaster it with our friends at Feral.”

-Rob Bartholomew of Creative Assembly

What’s new?

From everything seen so far, it would appear that this remaster strives to hold the core game’s experience and gameplay very much the same. Most of the updates are quality of life expectations for a game initially released in 2004. Everything that made the game what it is is still here, but it’s not exactly the same game.

On top of the improved UI and visual updates, Total War: ROME REMASTERED will also include new factions, cross-platform multiplayer, and a more accessible tutorial for players new to the series. With Creative Assembly’s past attachment to the game and work porting past projects as well as Rome: Total War, there’s a level of confidence and quality assurance in this remaster. And with improved- well, everything, this is an excellent jumping-on point for players that want to see where the series really got its wind. While obviously this game will not feature many of the updates in the second game (certainly no naval battles), the original title is a natural choice for a remaster due to its importance not just with fans but with Creative Assembly as a company.

More good news for long-term fans is that the game will be available for half off until May 31st if you already own the original game. Look out for preorders now and a release on April 29th, 2021.

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