Dreamcast Castlevania Resurrection Emerges from Shadows

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By Juno Stump on April 6th, 2021


Castlevania almost had a Dreamcast release. It was even shown to some press events with a playable build before its cancellation. Konami reportedly canceled this release after losing faith in the Sega Dreamcast. It’s a shame it wasn’t finished and put on Xbox, like Shenmue II was in North America.

The Dreamcast was a perfect system and deserved better

Who knows how good it would have been though? It could have been closer to the 360/PS3 3D Castlevania titles but it also might have been closer to Castlevania 64. Regardless it’s still nice to see a piece of video game history in the recent find. Previously it was assumed this was lost to time and only lived on in screenshots and the memories of those who were able to play it before it was canceled. Video game history is so interesting and it’s really nice when we get information decades later from collectors and finds.

It looks more stable than Bloodstained

The build is incomplete but features a fair amount of content that reveals a partial glimpse into what the game would have been like. The prototype features five environments and one boss battle that’s connected to one of the game’s stages. The areas don’t connect though and can only be accessed from the main menu.

It’s unclear if we’ll be able to get any other information from this prototype. The individual who shared this information has stated they were able to get this much from the owner of the prototype but they’re unsure if they will be able to gain more information or show anything else from it. It will be rad if we’re able to get more information on it. Maybe Konami will make a pachinko machine based on the game to share what almost was with world.

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