Upcoming Indie Mobile Games To Try In 2022

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By Latonya Pennington on January 12th, 2022


A new year means tons of upcoming games to play. It’s also a time for new devices, be they consoles, phones, or tablets. While mobile gaming has gotten more and more sophisticated over the years, it can be hard to figure out where the quality titles are among the sea of available games. Today, we’ve put together a list of upcoming titles to watch out for that look like they’ll be providing a great experience, whether you are playing on-the-go, or from the comfort of your couch at home. Probably the latter though, given everything going on in the world right now.

RPG Overrogue

Image is various RPG heroes fighting a headless knight and skull. At the bottom of the image are various cards.

Kemco, the mobile game publisher behind dozens of JRPGs, has steadily been improving in quality over the past couple of years. Their newest offering from developer Exe-Create fuses together deck-building with turn-based RPG and dungeon crawling elements. Based on the game’s synopsis, it looks like you might be play villains this time around since the game’s premise focuses on competing to become the next Overlord. You’ll also be exploring labyrinths with various themes, collecting treasure, and building a different deck every time you enter.

Pixelverse Deck Heroes

Image consists of various 16 bit wizards, rogues,  and sorcerers

Speaking of deck building games, Loongcheer Game also has something interesting up its sleeve. With 16-bit style graphics, over 1,000 cards, and the ability to play as 15 different heroes in PvsE or PvsP, this game looks like a good time waster. With the player vs enemy battles, the player will be able to rebuild a destroyed town in order to unlock a support partner and other resources to assist you during the duels. With each duel you win during the player versus enemy battles, you’ll be able to enhance your hero with new equipment and runes as well as gain new cards.

The Secret of Cat Island

Image is a 3D world with two cats standing amid a yard with a farm, two houses, trees, and what appears to be a machine pouring yellow liquid.

Cat lovers, this game might be for you. In this game from Like It Games, you’ll be helping two cats named Nana and Muna as they make themselves a new home on a remote island. You’ll explore, farm, and build houses and bridges for Nana and Muna as they reestablish themselves in the world of the Cat Kingdom. However, they won’t be doing it alone; you’ll also be able to venture to other islands and collect other cats, playing solo or with other players. There is also a storyline that unveils the “secret” of the island as you progress. Not only does this game look absolutely adorable, but it is a cute take on stimulation games.

Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games

Image is a blocky heroine with a white braid facing a blue troll with a spiked club on a bridge.

For those who like their stimulation games with more fantasy elements, Pixodust Games’ Medieval Merge has potential. By combining two or more of the same tool to make more powerful ones, you can gain useful items to rebuild a ravaged farm, help villagers, and aid the heroine on quests. You’ll also explore a bit in dungeons and fight monsters to gain treasure, gems and gold, and crafting materials. Graphics wise, the game looks vibrant and blocky, like Minecraft with a dash of Legos thrown in. While there doesn’t seem to be a storyline, the town-building, crafting, and monster fighting elements should give you plenty to do.

Fighters of Fate

Image is of a bushy haired male video game character saying "Ok let's see what you can do!" while facing a blue-haired female character in a fighting stance. At the bottom of the image are various cards showcasing different abilities.

Developed by Pincer Games, this anime-inspired fighting game lets you create your own character and use the power of the Arcana Cards in order to determine their stats, equipment, and abilities. You’ll then battle other players online in order to become the ultimate champion known as the Fighter of Fate. This game sounds fun, because it’s not often you hear about a fighting game where you play with a character you made and cards that decide how strong they are. The game is set to be free-to-play with in-app purchases. Since the game is still in development, it would be nice if they added an offline mode where you play against a CPU.

Latonya Pennington is a pop culture freelance contributor. Their gaming articles and features can be found at Fandom Games, Into More, Gayming Mag, and Into The Spine, among others.


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