Colorful Action Adventure Headland Out Today On Switch

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By Billy Givens on January 13th, 2022


Developer Northplay has launched their colorful action-adventure title Headland on Nintendo Switch today, with a PC version headed to Steam at a later date.

Headland, which was previously released on iOS and Android, takes place entirely in the imagination of main character Nor. When a powerful force disrupts his “headland”, he must venture deep inside his own mind to recover the color and inspiration that has been stolen from him. As Nor, you’ll explore caverns, forests, castles, and more in a dreamlike land filled with hazards and monsters that will have to be overcome if you wish to restore peace to his broken mind.

Of course, most games with monsters can’t be complete without a way to take them out, right? In Headland, you can use your own quick reflexes and Nor’s trust sword to take out your aggressors. But you’ll also need to collect a variety of resources and fight in arenas to unlock new weapons. By using your gathered materials, you can then upgrade those weapons and make yourself ever stronger in your quest to take back your brain.

Headland is available right now on Switch for $19.99 for those looking to dive in immediately. If you’re on PC and would prefer to play the game there, a Steam edition is on its way this Spring. You can add it to your Steam wishlist for now.

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