Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Coming to Steam on January 25th

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By Juno Stump on January 13th, 2022


Fans of the Serious Sam franchise won’t have to wait long for some more seriously good explosions and combat antics. Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem is a standalone expansion that brings new missions, weapons, and even snowmobiles to the world of Serious Sam.

Serious Sam is back and probably cold

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem will take players across five new levels through “vast Russian landscapes,” all while hunting down the traitorous General Brand. The latest trailer from Devolver Digital seems to contain everything expected from a Serious Sam title, and a closer look at the development reveals exactly how Siberian Mayhem could be the best entry yet.

Siberian Mayhem was originally a fan project from the Serious Sam modding community. The modding team, known as Timelock Studio, was helped by Croteam, the creator and developer of the Serious Sam franchise. As a result, Siberian Mayhem looks like it will carry a good balance between new, old, and everything in between, which should delight anyone that’s just finished Serious Sam 4 and is looking for more over-the-top action.

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem has currently only been announced for Steam but additional versions feel likely given that Serious Sam 4 was just released for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4|5. Xbox players can check out the earlier titles in the series as well, which can be found within the Serious Sam Collection. That being said, Serious Sam 4 isn’t a bad spot to start blasting either.

Steam players can pre-order now and will also receive an additional discount if Serious Sam 4 is already in their library. Now is a great time for first-time players to check out the Serious Sam games as well, with previous titles being available on Steam and consoles. Serious Sam 4 is also available in Xbox Game Pass if you’re wanting to see what’s kept this explosive franchise going for more than 2o years.

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