Soulslike Action RPG Sands of Aura Releasing Fall 2021

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By Juno Stump on September 5th, 2021


Sands of Aura takes place in the land of Talamhel and things aren’t going well. Talamhel’s Hourglass of Time has been destroyed, scattering its sands across the world. And now Talamhel is open and vulnerable to the Night Plague.

Deep character development systems

Ready yourself and set sail across this dead but breathing world. Undead enemies are waiting across the scattered islands, waiting for their moment to strike. Players will encounter denizens awaiting a chosen one to cleanse the corruption and discover complex questlines. Survive thrilling combat encounters against imposing bosses with seven different combat styles.

Slash, parry, and dual wield with completely customizable loadouts of weapons, magic, and armor. Sands of Aura also features consumable items that can be equipped and used during the journey across Talamhel. Players can listen to the thoughts and struggles of refugees in the Starspire Sanctuary upon completing dangerous quests.

This is also when players can restock on supplies and breathe for a moment while listening to the fully symphonic soundtrack composed by Eduardo Lopez, known for Grand Guilds, Wisp, and Artificial Infiltration.

Track down the emergent evil and destroy it.

Explore Talahmel in its twilight while cleansing the world of the Night Plague this fall when Sands of Aura launches on October 21, 2021. It will be launching in an Early Access state on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. New Islands, bosses, and more will be added over time after the game’s Early Access release.

Sands of Aura is a full open world and players will need to navigate and explore to find their way. The sandy sea is treacherous but plunders and wonder lay ahead for anyone brave enough to chart a course and set sail. Players won’t be alone either. An undead companion that rests atop the crow’s nest will keep players company along the way.

You can wishlist Sands of Aura on Steam to stay updated. The Epic Games Store page is not up as of writing but the information should be there soon enough.

For more information on Sands of Aura, please visit the official website, like the Facebook page, follow the game on Twitter and Instagram, and join the community on Discord.

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