Four Years Later: We Finally Get a New Look at Upcoming Narrative Game Harold Halibut

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By Billy Givens on April 8th, 2021


It’s been around four years since developer Slow Bros. has offered a proper update on their unconventional narrative-based game Harold Halibut. Despite a failed Kickstarter campaign that only raised $59,085 of its $177,045 goal in 2017, the team has remained passionate and dedicated to their vision for the title. Now, after a lengthy wait, they’re finally ready to share a fresh look at what they’ve been working on, and considering how wonderfully peculiar the game appears to be, you may not want to skip out on watching its brand new story trailer.

In a statement released alongside the trailer, Slow Bros. co-founder Onat Keimoglu had this to say about the trailer and what the team has been up to:

We are so excited to finally show you what we’ve been quietly working on these last few years. This trailer proves the cinematic level of production quality the game achieves, and gives you the clearest look at our huge cast of characters and the overall story yet. We’re not far away now, and we’re super thankful to our patient fans who’ve been following this journey – and we’re excited to hopefully welcome some new ones in the future.

Harold Halibut tells the story of the titular character, a lab assistant who lives upon a shipwrecked spaceship on a distant planet. As his journey unfolds, he may very well learn the key to escaping the planet and finding a new one more inhabitable for everyone stuck alongside him.

But Harold Halibut‘s story isn’t its most compelling attribute. Instead, that award goes to its completely unique visual style, something that came easily to the team, largely thanks to their diverse backgrounds in other fields, such as apparel, carpentry, and filmmaking. Their shared adoration for stop motion films has granted Harold Halibut a very similar art direction filled to the brim with clay characters and dollhouse-style locations that look as malleable as they do strikingly beautiful.

While Slow Bros. still hasn’t confirmed when Harold Halibut will launch, they have hinted that the game’s release date shouldn’t be terribly far away. Either way, it’s highly unlikely to be another four years before you’re able to get your hands on this creative entry in the world of narrative-based games.

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