Dungeon Crawler Infinite Adventures Joins the Switch Family This Month

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By Billy Givens on April 9th, 2021


Stormseeker Games has announced that Nintendo Switch owners can soon play their dungeon crawling RPG Infinite Adventures. Originally released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC way back in 2016, it may seem surprising that Infinite Adventures took this long to land on Nintendo’s hybrid console, but nevertheless, players can snag the game on April 22 and get to exploring.

Those who pick up Infinite Adventures will navigate through the Infinite Labyrinth, which features a total of 24 procedurally generated levels, 56 side quests, and a collection of post-game bosses for hardcore players to tackle. The game provides upwards of 30 hours worth of gameplay for those willing to invest fully in its story and dungeon crawling.


Infinite Adventure‘s initial 2016 launch was met with only a handful of reviews, and though some critics were quick to point out the low production values and poor voice acting, there was quite a lot of praise given to its combat mechanics and interesting story beats. It may not be for everyone, but if you possess dungeon crawler experience and a love for the relatively slow pace of the genre, you should find something here to keep you intrigued for a while โ€“ especially considering the game features four unique difficulty levels to test your mettle.

If any of that sounds like fun you, you may not want to overlook Infinite Adventures when it launches on Switch on April 22.

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