Horror Adventure Title Strangeland Gets Spooky This May

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By Billy Givens on April 14th, 2021


Developer Wormwood Studios has announced their upcoming horror adventure game Strangeland is set for release for Steam and GOG on May 25.

Strangeland is a point and click adventure title set entirely within the twisted dreams of an unnamed protagonist. Bizarre characters and eerie settings compliment the game’s compelling and dark art style, and the intriguing central mystery appears to be setting up a hell of a payoff, especially since the team has crafted it in such a way that players will be guessing until the very end.

Wormwood Studios has shared that the following features make up the core of their game:

  • A bizarre dreamscape brought to life with striking and surreal pixel art graphics
  • Clever puzzles with layered solutions — sometimes more than one
  • A rich allegorical story about identity, loss, and redemption that can only be fully understood if you look beyond what’s in front of you — it’s a puzzle all on its own
  • An integrated hint system, for those who want it
  • Play it again: hours of developer commentary and an “annotation mode” shed light on the game’s numerous metaphors, references, and enigmas

You can dive into this creepy experience and solve the mysteries of its world yourself when Strangeland launches exclusively for PC on May 25.

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