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By Juno Stump on April 29th, 2021


Out of Line is an upcoming 2D story-based puzzle platformer set to release in 2021. The game’s beautiful hand-drawn graphics paint an interesting and mysterious world; the atmospheric music brings even more personality to the screen. As of writing there’s no specifics on when the game is expected to release but my time with the publisher-provided preview build leads me to believe it may not be very far away. What I played of the game gave me confidence in the final release. Developer Nerd Monkeys has said this preview build contains the first third of the game. I’m eager to experience the full and final game once it releases.

Out of Line features side-scrolling puzzle based gameplay. I moved protagonist San through puzzles of varying difficulty while witnessing obscure and most likely bad circumstances that took place in both the background and foreground. It’s very reminiscent of both Limbo and Inside but the game feels like its own unique thing. I really enjoyed Limbo and Inside and think other fans of those two games will also find enjoyment in Out of Line . San’s spear can be shot into surfaces, giving you the ability to use it to gain access to higher ground. I was also able to hit gears to interrupt the movement of obstacles. You’re able to recall it back to San when you’re finished with its purpose, too. I’m very excited and interested to see how this mechanic is used throughout the full game.

a mysterious and frightful world

The world appears to be set in something between nature and something menacing too. It gives me Oddworld vibes in this regard, as well as witnessing things that don’t look super good happening to characters that look like San.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Out of Line. The preview build was very interesting and has only made me want more of this world. Interesting and thought-provoking storytelling is one of my favorite parts of games and Out of Line looks like it’ll be right up there with Limbo for me. I’m excited to explore this mysterious world more once the game releases on PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One later this the year.

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