SiliCon 2021 Confirmed as a Live Event

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By Stan Rezaee on April 30th, 2021


We’ll do it live!

Looks like we might get to enjoy some conventions this summer as Adam Savage has confirmed that SiliCon 2021 will be a live event.

SiliCon 2021 will be a live event that will take place from on August 28th to August 29th at the San Jose Convention Center. Ticket are also set to go on sale starting on May 15th. At the moment, no guests have been confirmed but those announcements will be made around the time ticket sales start. More information about the panels and events will be made available in the coming months.

Due to the pandemic; there are some major changes and precautions that will be taken. Ticket sales are limited and only a set number of people will be allowed into the convention center. The convention will follow strict guidelines set by the county and state to ensure everyone’s safety. There is also no confirmation if SiliCon 2021 will embrace a hybrid model that will incorporate elements of a digital event.

Even though California is set to lift most economic and social restrictions on June 15th, the event could be cancelled if there is a surge in Santa Clara County. At the moment that seems to be unlikely.

During Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018, Dr. Mae Jemison is introduced on the stage by Nichelle Nichols (Pictured). Nichols role as Lt. Uhura inspired Jemison to pursue a career in NASA were she served as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992.

This will also be the first live event with Adam Savage in the role of Creative Director. He took over the role in early 2020, replacing convention co-founder and tech pioneer Steve Wozniak. When the 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic, he organized a series of digital workshops. Prior to the promotion; he had hosted a series of cosplay workshops during the event since 2016.

It was only a month ago that a number of conventions and expos cancelled or postponed their live event due to the pandemic. FanimeCon, Anime Expo and E3 are among the conventions that have cancelled their live event in favor of an all digital show. Other conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and Too Many Games have pushed their live event to a later date in 2021. There are also some events like Bay Con that cancelled their live event while also opting not to have an all digital event.

There are also a number of conventions that have neither cancelled or confirmed their live event. Since they are set to take place later in the Summer, they are most likely looking at their choices before making a decision.

SiliCon is a fan convention that brings together the world of science and pop-culture for a festive weekend. The event has attracted pop-culture icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Tennant and Nichelle Nichols along pioneers in science like Dr. Mae Jemison and Buzz Aldrin. The convention was established back in 2016 as Silicon Valley Comic Con by Wozniak and the late Stan Lee.

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