Playable Prototype of Castlevania Resurrection Available Thanks to Sega Dreamcast Preservation Website

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By Juno Stump on April 30th, 2021


The prototype for Castlevania Resurrection was recently uploaded to Internet Archive so it can be preserved for future generations of nerds and gaming history enthusiasts, like all of us over at Retroware. We first reported on this a few weeks ago and I’m surprised a playable version was made available so quickly.

Chris Scullion of VGC reported on the new development, which is how we learned it was available and ready to play. There are only a few areas available to explore and I can tell you from first-hand experience: it is difficult.

Dreamcast Resurrection

I’m either worse at video games than I thought or the combat just wasn’t finished all the way. I’m leaning toward the latter but am willing to accept the former. It’s difficult to line the whip up with enemies, especially while being bombarded with fireballs and blasts of magic. The movement itself actually feels pretty good though, which is impressive since a lot of earlier 3D titles don’t always feel very responsive. In the video below, you can see me controlling Sonia Belmont running and whipping my way through the castle with little success. You can check the game out for yourself if would like by going to Internet Archive and downloading a copy of the game. It can be used in an emulator or put on a disc and ran on the Sega Dreamcast itself if you have one lying around.

It’s always cool when video game history is uncovered but it’s even more rad when it’s available online to experience for yourself. It’s like getting to be Lara Croft, but without any of the danger. Let’s hope more people like Comby Laurent are able to purchase things like this so we can see more gaming treasures lost to time made available for everyone to enjoy. Laurent is the owner of Sega Dreamcast Info Preservation Games, which is an essential website for anyone interested in the Sega Dreamcast and video game history in general. The website has details on several prototypes and unreleased games. Given the growing trove of unearthed titles that have been canceled, one has to wonder what is going to come up next.

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