INMOST Receives Highly-Limited Physical Switch Release This Thursday

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By Billy Givens on May 17th, 2021


Chucklefish and Hidden Layer Games have teamed up with Super Rare Games for an extremely limited physical edition of their story-driven game INMOST exclusively for Nintendo Switch, and pre-orders are live now ahead of this Thursday’s release.

This short run of the popular puzzle-platforming title will produce only 5,000 total copies. Every copy will come with a physical game cartridge, a full-color manual, interior artwork, a sticker, and three collectible trading cards out of a total of five. Meanwhile, 2,000 of 5k copies will be steelbook bundles, and these even more limited editions will include everything in the standard edition alongside the obvious steelbook case and special slipcover.

INMOST features an eerie pixel-art world and lets players control three unique characters, including a young child, a daring knight, and a wanderer. There’s plenty of enemies to trap, slice up, and evade while exploring the game’s haunting labyrinth and seeking answers to the narrative’s questions. The developers have made it clear that their compelling story is meant to be consumed in a single evening, so INMOST is an easily digestible 3-5 hour adventure that should scratch the itch of most puzzle and platforming fans.

INMOST is also available digitally on PC, macOS, and iOS.

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