Earthbound-Inspired RPG Oddventure’s Kickstarter Campaign Was A Massive Success

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By Billy Givens on June 8th, 2021


The team over at Infamous Rabbit must be elated following the end of their recent Kickstarter campaign, as it finished its 30-day run very strong. The campaign, which was created for the developer’s upcoming Earthbound-inspired role-playing game Oddventure, wrapped up having raised 213% of its funding goal.

The news comes just a few weeks after the Oddventure Kickstarter campaign met its initial $24,279 goal in a mere 5 days. The immense success of the fundraiser also means that it met two stretch goals, earning future players a couple of additional endings and more enemies with improved animations. Sadly, it didn’t manage to reach its third stretch goal.

Oddventure will follow a rebellious teen girl named Charlie as she searches for her brother in the Kingdom of Luxia. Influenced strongly by humorous and quirky RPGs of the Super Nintendo era, there’s certainly no shortage of bizarre and endearing elements for gamers to engage in. Offering classic turn-based combat, plenty of hidden secrets, a lore-heavy world, and lots of twisted comedy, this one is likely to be an indie hit.

Oddventure is slated for a Q3 2022 release for Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s unknown if Infamous Rabbit will consider more platforms at a later date, but here’s to hoping. In the meantime, you can check out a free demo of the game on Steam right now.

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